16 Best Welding Helmet Brands in The USA

Welding helmets are a necessary part of the welding workplace. With that being said, it is important that workers understand the difference between different helmets so that they can find the one that will work best for their needs. This blog will look at the best welding helmet brands that are currently on the market.

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List Of Best Welding Helmet Companies In the USA

  • Yeswelder
  • Tekware
  • Tsinglax
  • Viking
  • Lincoln
  • Dekopro
  • Jackson Safety
  • Hitbox
  • Miller 
  • ESAB
  • Ironton
  • Optrel
  • Jackson
  • Hobart
  • Wegoodlder
  • Ekkcash

Top Welding Helmet Brands In the USA For 2023

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How Do We Choose the Best Welding Helmet brands for You?

When choosing the best welding helmet brands for you, there are several factors that we consider:

  • Type of Welding: We determine the type of welding you will be performing and look for brands that offer helmets specifically designed for that type of welding.
  • Lens Technology: We consider the lens technology of each helmet, including auto-darkening and passive lenses, to find the best option for your needs.
  • Viewing Area: We consider the size of the viewing area to ensure you have a clear view of your work area.
  • Comfort: We look for brands that offer helmets with comfortable headgear and adjustability features to ensure a good fit and reduce fatigue during use.
  • Protection: We consider the level of protection offered by each helmet, including ultraviolet and infrared protection, to ensure your safety while welding.
  • Brand Reputation: We research the brand reputation of each welding helmet manufacturer to determine the level of quality and customer satisfaction you can expect.
  • Price: We consider your budget when choosing the best welding helmet brand for you and look for brands that offer high-quality products at a reasonable price.

By considering these factors, we can choose the best welding helmet brands for you, ensuring you have the right protective gear for your welding needs.

List of 16 Best Welding Helmet Brands In the USA

1. Yeswelder Welding Helmet


Yeswelder is a brand of welding helmets that first hit the market in the early 1980s. They have continued to improve and innovate since then, working on a line of helmets that are used across the world by welders to protect their eyes from the light produced by the hot sparks of a welder. Yeswelder started out as an Australian-based company but has since grown into an international brand.

2. Tekware Welding Helmet


Tekware is the leading supplier of welding helmets, welding supplies, and welding equipment. They provide a variety of welding helmets that are designed with welders in mind. Their company values are centered around making products that are innovative, dependable, and durable. With their variety of products, they are able to provide a welding helmet that fits the needs of any industry, budget, and welding application. From the most basic helmet to the most advanced helmet, they are able to meet the needs of any welder. In case you want to buy new Welding Gloves, we have a curated list for you.

3. Tsinglax Welding Helmet


Tsinglax is one of the leading manufacturers of lightweight and high-quality welding helmets. Tsinglax welding helmets are designed to provide the best protection and comfort. Tsinglax welding helmets have been designed to provide a comfortable fit and maximum protection.

4. Viking Welding Helmet


Viking helmets are the most popular welding helmets on the market. Viking helmets are known for their great style and comfort. Viking helmets are made of a fiberglass shell and a resin liner. Viking helmets are available in three different shell sizes, which is different from many other welding helmets. Viking helmets are also known for their great quality. Viking helmets are made in Italy and are backed by a 5-year warranty. Viking helmets are also made with a wide variety of different lens options. The Viking helmet is a great helmet for welders and is priced very reasonably compared to many other welding helmets. Looking for the best kinds of Welding Goggles? Here is our ultimate guide for you.

5. Lincoln Welding Helmet


Lincoln offers many different styles of welding helmets depending on the needs of the welder. It offers the Lincoln Electric Speedglas 9100 series and the Lincoln Electric Lincoln ArcShield range. There is also a superior version of the Lincoln ArcShield with the ArcShield Plus.

6. Dekopro Welding Helmet


Dekopro is a company that specializes in welding helmets, and they have a wide variety of products for customers to choose from. Their products are designed to improve the experience for welders and to help keep them safer. One of their top products is the DEKOPRO GX-3000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet. This helmet has been designed with a large viewing area that makes it easier for a welder to see in all directions. It also has special features to protect the eyes from damage and to protect the machine from damage.

7. Jackson Safety Welding Helmet


Jackson Safety is one of the leading companies that provide high-quality welding helmets and welding equipment. The company was founded in the year 1936 and has been known for providing products that meet the highest standards. The company has been able to achieve great success and has earned a lot of respect in the industry. Their experience, and the amount of research that they put into every product, have earned them the status of being one of the best providers in the business. Wondering where to get the best Welding Rods? Read our list to find out.

8. Hitbox Welding Helmet


Hitbox helmets are a line of professional helmets that have been used by welders around the world for years. It is important to have a good weld helmet that can keep your eyes protected from the harmful UV rays that are given off by the welding light. Hitbox welding helmets use a high-quality anti-fog lens that is scratch-resistant. The helmets also have a wide viewing area that is protected by a special curved visor. These visors are also scratch-resistant, which means they will not get damaged while they are being used. The helmets are designed to fit differently depending on the user. They have a double-layer shell, with a rubber cushioning layer in between. The Hitbox helmets also come with an adjustable headband that is made of soft leather. This headband is designed to be more comfortable than traditional headbands, which makes them easy to wear.

9. Miller Welding Helmet


Miller is a leading manufacturer of welders, welding machines, and welding helmets. However, they are not the only company to make great products. There are many other companies that manufacture quality welding helmets. These companies have helmets that perform better than Miller’s and cost less. There are two main categories of welding helmets: auto-darkening and manual. An auto-darkening helmet is more expensive than a manual helmet, but it offers better protection to welders. The helmets are also more complicated and require more maintenance. The main difference between the two helmet categories is that auto-darkening helmets turn darker when they detect UV light. Manual helmets require welders to manually adjust the lenses to shield the eyes from UV light.

10. ESAB Welding Helmet


ESAB is one of the most reputable brands in the welding helmet industry. They are an American company that has been around since 1947. They were founded by John W. Lewis, and they were originally known as the Electrostatic Company of America. Being an American company, they have an excellent reputation among welders and welding institutions, and their helmets are some of the most popular.

11. Ironton Welding Helmet

Ironton is the leading manufacturer of welding helmets, goggles, and welding protection products in North America. This company has been around since 1957. Ironton offers a wide range of products, including some of the following: Welding helmets, welding helmets with filters, welding helmets with Bluetooth, welding helmets with multi-voltage, welding helmets with auto-darkening, welding helmets with solar-powered batteries, welding helmets for sale, and more.

12. Optrel Welding Helmet


Optrel is a German company that specializes in manufacturing welding helmets and other safety equipment. They were founded in 1961, and they have since become one of the leaders in eye protection. In fact, the company has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification which displays its commitment to quality and service.

13. Jackson Welding Helmet


Jackson helmets are designed for the professional. They were designed with the professional welder in mind, and they are durable, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye. Jackson has developed a reputation for being the best in the welding helmet industry, and they are known for their style and comfort. Jackson was founded in 1919, and they have been making some of the best welding helmets ever since. The company has a long history in the welding industry, and it is a name that you can trust. Jackson welding helmets are comfortable enough to wear all day, and they are designed to protect your eyes from the harsh welding environment. Jackson welding helmets are designed for durability, and they were designed to last for years. When you purchase a Jackson helmet, you are buying a product that was designed with the consumer in mind. Jackson is one of the most popular brands in the welding industry, and its helmets are manufactured to the highest standards.

14. Hobart Welding Helmet


Hobart has been a leader in the world of welding helmets for a long time. They have a variety of different helmets and an assortment of different innovations in their helmets. Hobart helmets might be a little more expensive than some of the other brands, but they last longer and are typically better quality. Hobart helmets are all ANSI certified, and they are made from high-quality materials. Hobart also stands behind all of its products, and they offer a 1-year warranty on most of their helmets. Hobart has several different kinds of helmets available for different kinds of welding.

15. Wegoodlder Welding Helmet


Wegoodlder is a new brand of welding helmets that has been getting a lot of attention recently in the welding industry. The company has been working to design a new kind of helmet that is much lighter and more comfortable than any other helmet on the market. The Wegoodlder helmet is designed with a special ventilation system that draws in the fresh air. The helmet also has a special lens that can be flipped up or down depending on the task at hand. The lens is made of a special kind of glass that is less likely to break. When the lens is flipped down, it protects the eyes of the wearer from the intense light of the welding torch. Because of its unique features, the Wegoodlder helmet is a great choice for welders of any skill level.

16. Ekkcash Welding Helmet


The Ekkcash welding helmets are made from quality materials and are equipped with a wide range of features that will surely enhance your welding experience. The helmets are designed to make the welding process easier, more convenient and more enjoyable. It is important to choose a helmet that will provide a high level of protection because a lot of factors can affect the quality of your welding job. A welding helmet that is not designed to work in your specific environment can cause a lot of damage to your eyes.


The main things to consider when choosing a welding helmet are the level of protection it offers and its weight. The more expensive a helmet is, the better it will be at protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, but also the heavier it will be. Finding the right balance between weight and protection is key, which is why we’ve put together this list of the best welding helmet brands in the USA to help you find the one that’s right for you.


What are the different types of welding helmets available?

There are several types of welding helmets available, including auto-darkening and passive lenses, and each type has its own unique features and benefits. The best option for your needs will depend on the type of welding you will be performing and your personal preferences.

What should I consider when choosing a welding helmet?

When choosing a welding helmet, consider the type of welding you will be performing, the lens technology, viewing area, comfort, protection, brand reputation, and price.

What is the difference between auto-darkening and passive lenses?

Auto-darkening lenses automatically adjust to the brightness of the welding arc, while passive lenses require manual adjustment. The best option for your needs will depend on your personal preferences and the type of welding you will be performing.

What is the best welding helmet for a beginner?

The best welding helmet for a beginner will depend on your individual needs and the type of welding you will be performing. Consider factors such as comfort, protection, brand reputation, and price when choosing the best option for you.

How much should I expect to spend on a welding helmet?

The cost of a welding helmet will depend on the type of helmet, the features included, and the brand. Welding helmets can range in price from affordable to premium options, so consider your budget when choosing the best option for your needs.

What is the best welding helmet brand for my needs?

The best welding helmet brand for your needs will depend on your individual needs and preferences, including type of welding, lens technology, viewing area, comfort, protection, brand reputation, and price. Consider these factors when choosing the best welding helmet brand for your needs.

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